Church Grove - group self build in Lewisham
Lewisham Council will be working with RUSS to offer residents a rare chance to build their own homes together on a site in Ladywell.

The Rural Urban Synthesis Society (RUSS), a Lewisham-based community organisation, will enable residents to build 33 new environmentally friendly affordable homes on the Church Grove site.

The project aims to create a diverse community of younger and older people as well as families, couples and single people. Residents for the social rented housing will be drawn from the Councilís housing list while other homes will be advertised to all including households who have already expressed their interest.

The development will include one-bedroom to four-bedroom homes, available on a range of tenures including social rent, affordable rent, shared equity and shared ownership - including properties aimed specifically at providing training opportunities through the construction of shared-flats for young people. The specific mix of properties and tenure will be tailored to suit the mix of residents that come forward for the scheme.

The innovative Community Land Trust structure will ensure homes that are affordable in relation to local incomes, stay affordable in the long term.

Training will focus on decision making and design, physical building skills, qualifications in construction, and enabling residents to undertake long term management and maintenance. There will be different levels of self-build, so people interested in the project will be able to get involved regardless of their physical ability or skill level at the outset.

The Council will now work to finalise the development agreement and lease with RUSS by 2016. The work could start on site in early 2017. Residents who have expressed an interest will be kept upto date with the details of the project.

Church Grove
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